Summer Re-Visited

Jackie Stevens walks upon summer trails bottomless & enjoys a little outdoor masturbation!

Jackie Stevens, like Janus, leads us down the path to a double January update! We all can certainly use some extra needed summers heat to take us through to February.

Enjoy a fun voyeuristic video short, the first scene features Jackie as Mom MILF sauntering along her local trails bottomless on the way to her favorite nude beach. We have also snuck in previously unseen footage from the 'Field of Dreams' video shoot with Jackie Stevens enjoying some lovely outdoor masturbation on a warm summers day. We also have a High Resolution photoset to double the update which includes Mom MILF's stroll through the wooded path bottomless and nude, eventually landing on her secret nudist beach. Oh Mom MILF, how you love to be nude in the summer sun, we can only dream of warmer weather.

Coming up in February get ready for '67 Shades of Grey'! With a light Bondage and Discipline motif, how can you miss this one? If that were not enough to look forward to, we have since shot part 2 of this story, tentatively entitled '70 Shades of Grey'!



Jackie Stevens from Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Update: Mirror Mirror staring Jackie Stevens just Released on VIP Members section!

Jackie Stevens stars in Mirror Mirror with a solo performance. The video is set to be released on January 15th. We are committed to providing 2 updates a month for our VIP's. Both a major HD video release and then a Hi Resolution photo set or video short.

Mirror Mirror is a window into the world of a beautiful, big bottomed, curvy lady who is coming to terms with her giant butt. She is trying on various bottoms, realizing that they are very tight over her gorgeous, round rump and she slowly begins to embrace her ample backside. As this unfolds we are treated to a voyeurs paradise as we bare witness to her personal revelations and fantasies. She even speculates about showing off her bare butt to the general public or at work. Ultimately she is still a bit shy but does not hold back in her private quarters to let her personality out.

We are still trying to figure out what to release for the second half of January, either a video short or another Hi Resolution Photo Set so for now we will leave it a mystery.

We hope that you all are enjoying Decembers video Dr. S. Meets Ms. Ass along with the accompanying photo set ( which included a few extra miscellaneous photos thrown in, hints at possible future photo sets on tap). I have to say, the sequence of Jackie going bottomless to her Dr's appointment is out of this world.

Coming up in February we will be releasing '67 Shades of Grey' which might inspire more bondage and discipline themes. A very exciting year is shaping up indeed!

Below is a small outtake that we released from the upcoming Mirror Mirror. Although we might release some small segments from past videos, I believe that there is plenty of wonderful samples of Jackie's amazing talent and assets, so our newer releases will most likely be kempt a bit more under wraps...after all our VIP's deserve the best!