Fifty Shades of Grey, better yet Sixty-Seven

Jackie Stevens' world class ass heats up when she submits to her master in 67 Shades of Grey.

This Valentine’s Day we bring you a very sweet treat, Jackie Stevens stars in 67 Shades of Grey. We offer this new series involving obedience training and light Bondage & Discipline. Part one begins with the introduction of ‘J’ to business titan Mr. Grey. Mr. Grey realizes that he has a real gem in his presence and proceeds to engage towards a contract with her, not hesitating to begin his exploration of her delicious assets. Mr. Grey sets the tone that he is in control and the timid ‘J’ is eager to comply given her interest in the attractive business mogul. The introduction of the pair was seasoned by Dr. S. (from the recent Dr. S. Meets Ms. Ass) so a trust foundation has been pre-established. Once Mr. Grey begins to test ‘J’s obedience he introduces her to some light Bondage and Discipline which leads us towards next month’s release, 70 shades of Grey, Part 2.

Coincidentally and without any planned forethought to the timing of our video release, the major motion picture ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has the same release date of February 14, Valentine's Day. We think you will agree that with Jackie Stevens' world class PAWG Ass, and one of a kind ability to heat up the screen, that our series is much hotter than 50 Shades of Grey. We will let you be the judge, so tune in to watch Mr. Grey put 'J' to his first obedience test.

Jackie Stevens bound for 67 Shades of Grey