Big Bottom Breakout

Jackie's Big Bottom Breaks out in June and a new introductory offer!

We are very excited for a unique and super erotic series release for June. Bed Time Stories with Brenda the Big-Bottom Bookworm features a solo Jackie playing Brenda telling and acting out her super erotic fantasies and experiences. Check out a short teaser below and there is much more to come...

Our VIP Members are loyal and we appreciate the ongoing support. In order to help facilitate all you people that are missing out we have decided to change or introductory monthly membership from $21.99 to $19.99 for a limited time. Once you try it we are sure you will want to hang on for only $13.99 per month. You will feel great and be happier in general as a VIP member, smiles! It's really just pennies a day as they say...

Enjoy and be ready for what is to come!


Jackie’s Bedtime Stories and More

Exciting new series 'Bedtime Stories with Brenda the Big Bottom Bookworm', starring Jackie Stevens

Jackie Stevens is the Big Bottom Bookworm


2015 is just warming up and we are preparing to offer 2 full installments to the new Big Bottom Bookworm series. This series focuses on Jackie as she narrates and acts out super erotic scenarios. The first installment is the Big Bottom Bookworms secret cockslave fantasy and the second has to do with her naked neighbor. With more stable video shots, great lighting and our always high definition video format we have the perfect foundation for the Brenda's awesome narratives. Don't be shocked if there is a lot of super dirty talk coming from Miss Brenda. Also included in the storylines are some awesome scenes of Jackie fantasizing with a lollypop for all of the 'mouth fetish' connoisseur's. Very proud of these upcoming additions indeed!

Gearing up for May's feature, 'Dirty Babysitter 2' we decided to try out a new format. Since the story was running well over 20 minutes and editing took some extra time we decided to offer this feature in 2 back to back installments. Part 1 is over 19 minutes jam packed with the hot horny babysitter's adventures and leaves off with a fun ENF styled scene, where a very embarrassed Babysitter is freaking out scrambling to find her pants as Mr. S. is quickly and unexpectedly arriving home. Part 2 will be released at the end of May and includes some really hot dirty talk from Jackie when she gives into Mr. S's role-play fantasies after he arrives home and catches her, you guessed it, bottomless.

With spring temperatures obviously rising we are gearing up to do some outdoor shoots and some interesting characters and twists are being invented. We will plan to pepper in some high resolution still images and teasers of the hot outdoor spring summer shoots as we head into June and July. Member feedback is always appreciated. Our member retention rate is very high which indicates that a Jackie Stevens fan is a very loyal fan, and Jackie really does appreciate that.



Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
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