Sun Your Buns Jackie

Jackie Stevens suns her buns in the summer, oh what a big beautiful bottom!


Summer is upon us, Fourth of July fireworks blazing we figured it was time to set off explosions of the 'Naked Jackie' caliber.

So what’s up next, you ask? WildFlower will be debuting her free spirit on July the 15th in 'Why Can't I Be Naked?'.  Our story takes place at WildFlowers favorite beach where she can run around free and naked as a jaybird. She ventures to her favorite spot, through the trails with no bottoms and home with just her hat on. She just leaves her bottoms at home. Wildflower narrates her story from the comfort of her home so there are home shots and narrative weaved through the naked beach adventure. We even have a cameo from WildFlowers sister, the infamous WildCat. But the story takes a turn when WildFlower is warned that she can get in trouble for being naked on the beach and she does indeed get caught by the Park Ranger. As WildFlower tells us, she is defiant of  authority and it simply just turns her on to be caught naked. She will indeed venture out of her house naked whenever she feels like it and masturbates thinking about it all. Enjoy our short trailer below, the feature will run approximately 18 minutes. Be sure to get ready for Jackie’s sun kissed ass, close up and personal as only Mother Nature could have intended it.

In the coming months we have a super erotic narrative with Brenda the Big Bottom Bookworm's Naked Neighbors. If you saw Brenda’s Secret Cock-Slave Fantasy, well you will understand why we can hardly contain ourselves with this little gem.

This just in, 2 new features are in various stages of production. Moreover they boast brand new characters. First we have Tonka Booty. Tonka is distantly related to Pocahontas. Tonka meditates and does many other revealing things outdoors as her Native American roots dictate. Secondly, we have Daisy Derriere. Daisy, incidentally is related to good ol’ Daisy Duke. Her Southern charm is sure to warm your heart and fill you all with tingly excitement. You heard it here first folks. Much more to cum

Wildflower Trailer, coming July 15th !~