August Update

"Jackie Stevens is august in Brenda the Big Bottom Bookworm's Naked Neighbors"

We are currently editing "Naked Neighbors" for release August 15th. If you enjoyed Brenda's secret cockslave fantasy then naked neighbors is for you. We have the same format with a totally different story.

Our story will open with Brenda introducing her self in her 'new' apartment. As she has moved away from her hometown in order to be more independent she discovers a neighbor who she takes interest in. To her great surprise he tends to do his backyard chores and recreation in the nude. Brenda's excitement grow as she discovers her naked neighbors backyard activities. It just keeps getting hotter and hotter.

Things got a little bit hectic so our July 30 update was rather brief but it featured a little short cut to a feature production, tentatively entitled Daisy Derriere. There was also a snippet of some old footage of Jackie being roped!

Well again, we appreciate all of the great support and just to note we have some other productions in the works as we wrap up summer and head into autumn. Tonka Booty, Daisy Derriere and Wild Cat 3 are all in various stages of readiness!!!