April Drools

Hello to all you Jackie Stevens fanatics, of course none more than I! April is a month worthy of drooling over Jackie's amazing bum cakes, the roundest of thier kind, in Asserrsize. Watch Jackie as she rides the treadmill to complete frustration with having to wear pants. Once she discovers that she can workout without them it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for her assersize.

In order to meet our general deadline of a mid-month feature release we have released the first half of this erotic thriller of which the second half is slated for the end of the April along with our regular video short addition.

April also marked the production of Ms. Jackie if your Nasty. In this feature Jackie get's a little bolder and is on her way to becoming the dominatrix that lives deep inside her. Although mild to the B&D connoisseur the JOI enthusiast will not be disappointed at all in this movie. Stay Tuned.

One small note is that we have upgraded our film equipment so expect production value to increase with Ms. Jackie and all future productions.

Jackie Stevens, Dominatrix, Jerk off Instruction