Special 3 minute Preview

Summing June 2016 - Jackie is Mom MILF in Mother's Day - Writers Cock

We are pleased to announce an extended 3 minute preview of June's super exciting feature. This is our second feature shot after a major video equipment upgrade and the lighting and clarity are just getting better by the second. More the the point Jackie's portrayal of the super hot and bothered Mom MILF is sure to scorch you as temperatures rise this summer.

It's Mother's Day and Mom MILF is alone with her assignment to write an article for a major magazine publication. Thinking she is alone and it will be quiet on this holiday she realizes that her creative juices are not flowing. When she notices the 20 something guys next door playing ball she begins to fixate on them and then ultimately the Father of the bunch. As she begins to act like the slutty exhibitionist that she is, by stripping down and showing off her huge ass and tits through the window, her creativity starts coming back to her along with her sexy juices. Ultimately the Father next door notices her giant MILF booty and rolls over to her place. She invites him in while she is totally naked so "Mommy can put on a bottom show" for him. She delightfully teases him and instructs him to jack his mature cock off. Oh it does not get any better than this!

Shot entirely from Mom's POV we are sure you will enjoy Jackie's stellar performance on bringing you right into the action.

Shame on You if you messed May's feature Ms. Jackie if your Nasty! Nothing hotter than Jackie showing of her dominant backside!

We will be sure to pepper in some video shorts and photos between all of this major action. Look out for Jackie Buttering up her Hot Butt cheeks with grade A butter to start June off with some slippery fun!

As always all of the support and memberships have really kept us going. Can't thank you all enough for joining and being members! Cheers, and stay naked! If you have not joined yet, well it's never to late. The content is just growing as does all things Naked Jackie.

Ms. Jackie, May I

Jackie's Butt Go's on a Dominant Streak

Jackie Steven's is thoroughbred booty get's a mind of it's own in "Ms. Jackie If Your Nasty" May's feature release.

We are releasing this feature in 2 parts this month along with our monthly supplemental short.

The exciting news is that we have upgraded our video equipment so the shots should be even more crispy.

Ms. Jackie was out searching for a 'victim' that her booty can take advantage of on a raw April day. Ms. Jackie describes in great detail what her booty is telling her to do to this poor, poor victim. Tune in to watch in great detail how her booty comes out of it's shell and pursues it's ultimate take over of the lucky, unsuspecting chosen one.