Jackie is fixed to Captivate you, just released CAPTIVE - A Dirty Sitter Situation Part 1

Jackie, the Dirty Babysitter wakes up disoriented in a white room as she tries to figure out how she got there. As she slowly comes too, only wearing a T-Shirt and panties, she realizes that she is being held captive and her young captors begin to make their demands on her. At first she resists, but as things progress the tides change. Be sure to stick around for Part 2 at the end of the month! Please enjoy this feature in our members only section.

Being Stood Up Sucks 2 has just finished production and will be slated for release this fall. This feature entails Jackie being stood up, she has been waiting for hours in lingerie and high heals for her lover to show up. She gives him an earful when she finds out he is going to no-show and from there delves into various attempts to deal with her extremely horny state of mind, body and soul.

Both Captive and Being Stood up feature mouth fetish scenes which has been a re-occurring theme lately. Both movies look and sound fantastic.

We still have some back burner video's to release at some point this fall as well. We will plan to interject that content along with our regular monthly feature releases and extras. Possibly the second half of the year we could approach some outtake videos which we have not done to date. With all of this content flowing, if you are a Jackie fan and have not signed up for our members area, shame on you. There is nothing else like it!

Just check out the long list of "things to come" and recent releases that we cannot keep up with in our main tour previews. It's just to much, see the link below:

Jackie Stevens Naked - Things that Came and Things to Come

Look forward to any feedback and as always we greatly value all of your support, it keeps things rolling!