2017 is Just Getting Started


We just added a high resolution photo set of Roller Boot! In just a few days we will be updating with Roller Booty part 3 - Assturbation. This exciting segment features a young roller booty who is just coming to terms with her ability to have an anal orgasm. We hope to develop this talent as well as attempt capture Roller Booty outdoors skating nude on film when it warms up this year!!! BOOM!

We will be giving you all a super fun Booty Centric piece called "I've Got a Fat Ass." Let's just say crazy close ups with a MACRO lens at the end. Jackie riffs on this one line (I've got a Fat Ass) and for all of us that love to hear her incurably sexy voice while we view her one of a kind, uber-curvy, sexy body in motion than this is yet just another sweet treat for you all. This 5 minute short should arrive in mid-February, if not earlier.

Speaking of Mid-February we will also be giving you the intro installment of Mom Milf - X. This is something we really want to flesh out for February and March. We are looking to get Mom Milf in some exciting, precarious and potentially embarrassing exhibitionist situations. Any ideas?! KA-BOOM!

Often I contemplate how lucky we are as Jackie Stevens fans to have this vast wealth of amazingly unique and hot content. Sure there are many amazing Jackie flicks out there. I would knock none of them and enjoy many. I can never get enough Jackie. Yet ours is one of a kind and pleanty!

As always I have to reach out and give serious thanks and praise to our member base. The majority of members are long term and understand how amazing it is, month after month of enjoying the fruits of Jackie's naked exploits. You all are superb, cheers!