More Outdoors

Hello All! Just wanted to keep everyone posted on the latest. September 30 will give us our 3rd installment of Aunt Jackie's adventures. This one is entirely at the nude beach. Aunt Jackie flaunts her stuff at a more crowded public nude beach. She runs around free and naked showing off. The intro has Jackie play it up a bit with a touch of fun embarrassment as she lets her bathing suit bottoms blow off during a very large wind gust.

As we work our way into October we still have a fantastic photo set from the last nude beach shoot. We also have a fantastic pantyhose POV JOI movie on tap as well. Our next shoot will have us likely back outdoors weather permitting. We will let it be a surprise. We are still working on Bottomless wonder woman. Halloween time might work well for this costumed theme!

Cheers and let the hits just keep on coming'!