Dirty Babysitter – Caught by Daddy!

Jackie Stevens in Dirty Sitter

Dirty Sitter I

We just wrapped shooting on Dirty Sitter I - Horny Baby sitter fixed to be caught by Daddy, starring Jackie Stevens.

This was a hell a great shoot! Jackie was so much fun dancing naked, doing tons of booty shaking, toe touching, ass spreading, and big booty lover's dream poses. The taboo theme is one that will be sure to excite and was super erotic to bring to life. The initial title and description was as follows:

Dirty Sitter I – Horny Babysitter fixed to be caught by Daddy

starring Jackie Stevens Naked and POV from Joey S.

Big Booty Worship & Booty shaking, Taboo subject, Very Hairy Bush Masturbation

JJ, Joey’s babysitter thought she had some alone time so she decided to dance around naked and explore her hairy pussy. Convinced that Joey’s father was away for work. What she did not know is that Joe Sr. came home and secretly caught JJ in her naked splendor. Joe, unable to control his urges any longer gets caught in the act himself and afraid that he might be called out he decides to convince JJ with a little bit of secret fun and bonding resolution to keep this to themselves.

We ended up with the coolest matching sneakers and dog color for the Dirty Sitter to end up teasing then pleasing herself and Daddy in. So many awesome butt shots from all kinds of cool angles, many great beautiful hairy bush and awesome masturbation shots ! So many great shots in fact we might have to end up using this video as one of the introductory pieces for the member site feature videos set to be released right here in September.

Jackie Stevens proves that she is the queen of erotica and we can only begin imagine future themes for Jackie Stevens fetish videos to come here on nakedjackie.com.

Stay tuned, we are at the tip of the iceberg. Check out the teasers in our tour previews.





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