Get Ready for Assersize - Big Ass workout coming in April.

We put together a really fun video feature for April. Jackie simply gets frustrated and bored working out on the same old Treadmill at the same old gym. She is uncomfortable in her silly work  - outfit and as she paws and claws to get it off she discovers a much better way to get her workout in. Why bottomless of course. Looking at many amazing angles on the ass workout we have lots of footage to put together for this one. Looking forward to creating some spring fevers next month.

To round out our triple update month, after releasing part 3 of Aunt Jackie and 39 high resolutions photo spread to warm up our Assersize we will be offering a nipple centric video at the end of the month. We were able to get some incredible footage of Jackie's amazing one of a kind rock hard nipples. We had to put some of the nipple play in slow motion and it rocks. Her nipples must be almost an inch long a fat to boot. Any Mom would be jealous of her buds. In 'Nipple Slip - the Start of the Mess' we intro with a lovely nipple play session the move into a nipple sploshing session where Jackie rubs Jelly and other goodies on her lovely nipples. How fun it is to see her play this way. Just a little hint we will have a small segment next month or so from the shoot that will be called 'Buttering Up Them Cheeks" or something to that effect. Picture that one.

Spring has sprung and we hope you do to!

Jackie Stevens, Assersize, naked tennis workout