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Happy Holidays!

Wishing you all Very Happy, Safe, Peaceful, and Naked Holidays:-) Very Grateful for continued support of our Special Members! Look out for Christmas Photo Set Update by X-mas & our second feature part of the month by New Years Eve! Cheers! Lot's to come, shooting next week... XO Jackie


BAM - Tomorrow December 6th, someone ordered a 'Big Ol' Booty with Oil' Christmas is comin' early with this 5 minute video short!


Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! We are very grateful to all of our fans and members who support Jackie Being Naked in all of her various predicaments. We are excited about new scenarios and content coming your way. Interview 42" - the Interview - 11/30/2016 My Big Oily Bottom - December 2016 Roller Booty - the Intro - […]

Fall – Members get it All

A few quick updates for November 2016. Just released! - Long Leash, video short. This was from one of the first movie shoots we ever did. Never released at all. Hot close ups in a retro silent movie motif. This month - Interview 42" part 1 and 2. Jackie is aspiring newscaster interviewing for the […]

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween All! Hope that your Halloween is fun and that you enjoy playing dress up as much as I do, or dress down for that matter. We are in the processes of new productions. Although we have back burner material always we really want to spice things up for the holiday season. Your suggestions […]

October 2016

Jackie Plays Jackie in Being Stood Up Sucks II on 10/15/2016 This was a fun theme so we decided to play it out in a different scenario in this second feature release of Being Stood Up SUCKS. Here is a bit of detail for you. Jackie is ready to play, all primped sporting  high heals and […]


Jackie is fixed to Captivate you, just released CAPTIVE - A Dirty Sitter Situation Part 1 Jackie, the Dirty Babysitter wakes up disoriented in a white room as she tries to figure out how she got there. As she slowly comes too, only wearing a T-Shirt and panties, she realizes that she is being held […]


August is great and September will 'Captivate'! We hope that you are enjoying August and our Feature 'Being Stood Up - SUCKS!' We just released the full 25 photos from this shoot so enjoy. Plus we still have yet to release PART 2 (UPDATE RELEASED 8/30/2016), where you will be treated to some amazing sucking fantasy […]


Here is your sexy August update at Naked Jackie! Just released 'Super Dirty Girl - Young Brenda' Part 2. Don't dare miss the features climax where young Brenda (Jackie) exhibits herself to the local co-oed guys outdoors and masturbates until a shuttering orgasm. What a dirty girl indeed. Also just released is the first 5 high […]

Being Stood Up, SUCKS !

Jackie just finished shooting a new feature, likely August release titled - Being Stood Up, SUCKS ! As the name might imply we were able incorporate some super hot mouth sucking and licking fetish action in our newest feature that just wrapped produciton. In this story Jackie is stood up at a Wedding by her date. […]