Halloween 2015 Update

Jackie Stevens' Wild Cat III for November.

Happy Halloween all of you Jackie Stevens fan's out there. I can assure you that Jackie had a lot of fun dressing up and putting on a sexy southern accent in the recently released Daisy Derriere part 1 & 2. We also added a bonus clip of Jackie Oiling up with some sweet smelling baby oil for a little added Halloween bonus. This being an outtake from a yet to be released movie called Dirty Babysitter - Call Me Master!

We hope that among all of the tight ass and pussy close ups, hot shaking booty angles, sexy hard nipple scenes and all of the other amazing scenery that you are enjoying Jackie's sexy narration. She narrates such awesome origional erotic stories that it is certain to send one way over the edge! She talks with great detail and zeal about seduction and the very dirty things she so longs to perform, like no one else can. Anyhow I digress. We hope that you are ready for Wild Cat III. Shot in the heat of mid-summer Wild Cat explores her new home and surrounds completely nude. She roams through her wooded territory naked, bending over and squatting as she explores. Then she shows off her amazing new woods home. We are certain you might agree that this new home is one of a kind. Of course she proceeds to do what a pretty kitty does in the comfort of her new home. Why show off that is!

As usually we have some tantalizing things on deck. We did a pantyhose shoot recently under the guise of "Aunty Jackie" who has a penchant for JOI or better yet Jerk Off Encouragement.  Also, Mom Milf III - Hot Hot Hot. All in various stages of post production.

Well as we move past our first full year of offering Naked Jackie we have to give yet another big shout out to our supporters. All of you VIP Members who have stuck in there, we are so grateful. Moreover we could not do this without you. The landscape of Adult entertainment is as challenging as ever so spread the word out there about how original and amazing Jackie is. I have yet to see anything remotely like her, period. We think you'll agree.

Cheers, JC. -

PS. here is another bonus shot for all of you....How does Jackie workout? Why bottomless of course!

Jackie Stevens in a bottomless workout routinedc3- WildCat's New Lair.



Tonka Booty Suns her Hot Buns

End of summers outdoor scenes with Tonka Booty

Tonka is distantly related to Pocahontas. Tonka meditates and does many other revealing things outdoors as her Native American roots dictate. Tonka was born with a huge booty and she owns it.

Get ready for Tonka Booty as we put some final edits on our mid-September feature update. It doesn't get any better than this booty. Tons of close ups in the hot summer sun, some nipple play thrown in. Plus, as we have seen highlighted in the last few releases, some stellar narration by the star of our show. Why Jackie Stevens that is!

Daisy Derriere is taking shape, this sultry feature, features some southern style narration and lots of southern comfort.

In respect to outdoor weather we have Wild Cat III on tap for this fall. WildCat has a crazy new woods lair and she runs around in the woods. You guessed it, naked!

Also, Mom Milf 3 is coming. Can you feel it - hot, hot, hot!


August Update

"Jackie Stevens is august in Brenda the Big Bottom Bookworm's Naked Neighbors"

We are currently editing "Naked Neighbors" for release August 15th. If you enjoyed Brenda's secret cockslave fantasy then naked neighbors is for you. We have the same format with a totally different story.

Our story will open with Brenda introducing her self in her 'new' apartment. As she has moved away from her hometown in order to be more independent she discovers a neighbor who she takes interest in. To her great surprise he tends to do his backyard chores and recreation in the nude. Brenda's excitement grow as she discovers her naked neighbors backyard activities. It just keeps getting hotter and hotter.

Things got a little bit hectic so our July 30 update was rather brief but it featured a little short cut to a feature production, tentatively entitled Daisy Derriere. There was also a snippet of some old footage of Jackie being roped!

Well again, we appreciate all of the great support and just to note we have some other productions in the works as we wrap up summer and head into autumn. Tonka Booty, Daisy Derriere and Wild Cat 3 are all in various stages of readiness!!!


Sun Your Buns Jackie

Jackie Stevens suns her buns in the summer, oh what a big beautiful bottom!


Summer is upon us, Fourth of July fireworks blazing we figured it was time to set off explosions of the 'Naked Jackie' caliber.

So what’s up next, you ask? WildFlower will be debuting her free spirit on July the 15th in 'Why Can't I Be Naked?'.  Our story takes place at WildFlowers favorite beach where she can run around free and naked as a jaybird. She ventures to her favorite spot, through the trails with no bottoms and home with just her hat on. She just leaves her bottoms at home. Wildflower narrates her story from the comfort of her home so there are home shots and narrative weaved through the naked beach adventure. We even have a cameo from WildFlowers sister, the infamous WildCat. But the story takes a turn when WildFlower is warned that she can get in trouble for being naked on the beach and she does indeed get caught by the Park Ranger. As WildFlower tells us, she is defiant of  authority and it simply just turns her on to be caught naked. She will indeed venture out of her house naked whenever she feels like it and masturbates thinking about it all. Enjoy our short trailer below, the feature will run approximately 18 minutes. Be sure to get ready for Jackie’s sun kissed ass, close up and personal as only Mother Nature could have intended it.

In the coming months we have a super erotic narrative with Brenda the Big Bottom Bookworm's Naked Neighbors. If you saw Brenda’s Secret Cock-Slave Fantasy, well you will understand why we can hardly contain ourselves with this little gem.

This just in, 2 new features are in various stages of production. Moreover they boast brand new characters. First we have Tonka Booty. Tonka is distantly related to Pocahontas. Tonka meditates and does many other revealing things outdoors as her Native American roots dictate. Secondly, we have Daisy Derriere. Daisy, incidentally is related to good ol’ Daisy Duke. Her Southern charm is sure to warm your heart and fill you all with tingly excitement. You heard it here first folks. Much more to cum

Wildflower Trailer, coming July 15th !~

Big Bottom Breakout

Jackie's Big Bottom Breaks out in June and a new introductory offer!

We are very excited for a unique and super erotic series release for June. Bed Time Stories with Brenda the Big-Bottom Bookworm features a solo Jackie playing Brenda telling and acting out her super erotic fantasies and experiences. Check out a short teaser below and there is much more to come...

Our VIP Members are loyal and we appreciate the ongoing support. In order to help facilitate all you people that are missing out we have decided to change or introductory monthly membership from $21.99 to $19.99 for a limited time. Once you try it we are sure you will want to hang on for only $13.99 per month. You will feel great and be happier in general as a VIP member, smiles! It's really just pennies a day as they say...

Enjoy and be ready for what is to come!


Jackie’s Bedtime Stories and More

Exciting new series 'Bedtime Stories with Brenda the Big Bottom Bookworm', starring Jackie Stevens

Jackie Stevens is the Big Bottom Bookworm


2015 is just warming up and we are preparing to offer 2 full installments to the new Big Bottom Bookworm series. This series focuses on Jackie as she narrates and acts out super erotic scenarios. The first installment is the Big Bottom Bookworms secret cockslave fantasy and the second has to do with her naked neighbor. With more stable video shots, great lighting and our always high definition video format we have the perfect foundation for the Brenda's awesome narratives. Don't be shocked if there is a lot of super dirty talk coming from Miss Brenda. Also included in the storylines are some awesome scenes of Jackie fantasizing with a lollypop for all of the 'mouth fetish' connoisseur's. Very proud of these upcoming additions indeed!

Gearing up for May's feature, 'Dirty Babysitter 2' we decided to try out a new format. Since the story was running well over 20 minutes and editing took some extra time we decided to offer this feature in 2 back to back installments. Part 1 is over 19 minutes jam packed with the hot horny babysitter's adventures and leaves off with a fun ENF styled scene, where a very embarrassed Babysitter is freaking out scrambling to find her pants as Mr. S. is quickly and unexpectedly arriving home. Part 2 will be released at the end of May and includes some really hot dirty talk from Jackie when she gives into Mr. S's role-play fantasies after he arrives home and catches her, you guessed it, bottomless.

With spring temperatures obviously rising we are gearing up to do some outdoor shoots and some interesting characters and twists are being invented. We will plan to pepper in some high resolution still images and teasers of the hot outdoor spring summer shoots as we head into June and July. Member feedback is always appreciated. Our member retention rate is very high which indicates that a Jackie Stevens fan is a very loyal fan, and Jackie really does appreciate that.



Happy Memorial Day Weekend!
A preview for all to enjoy...Jackie Stevens enjoying a Nude Beach as Wildflower in Why Can't I be Naked ? Coming...


Dirty Baby Sitter 2 – Bottomless Emergency

Jackie Stevens is a dirty girl in Dirty Babysitter 2 - Bottomless Emergency

We are excited to announce our May video feature release. Dirty Babysitter 2 – Bottomless Emergency is packed with bottomless fun! In the opening scenes we are introduced to the young ‘J’ who is working out at the gym and receives a call from Mr. S, the father of her former babysitting job whom has asked her to house sit for him last minute. He offers to pay her handsomely and she immediately agrees to take the job. J phones her friend to inform her that she will not be available for the weekend and she is heading right over to meet Mr. S. Unfortunately she has no time to go home and get a change of clothes.  J, given free reign of the house proceeds to get carried away in a series of bottomless activities. After all she had to remove her sweaty gym pants and air out her giant bottom. In the process she decides to have a bottomless dance party and eventually finds Mr. S's secret stash of self-videos. Upon finding this she becomes hot and worked up and verbally indicates what she wishes to do with him while rubbing her hairy young pussy. At some point during day two she receives a call from Mr. S. telling her that he will be home in about 10 minutes. J simply cannot locate her bottoms which are cause for embarrassment and panic about her bottomless emergency. In a state of crises, without time to think she jumps on his bed and pretends to be asleep as he arrives through the door. To his surprise he finds her just the way he might have only dreamed, bare bottom exposed for him to admire. His luck only increases when she awakes and they take up on a super fun game of Daddy / little girl role play. Boy is he lucky indeed as she gives into 'Daddy's every whim...the fun has only just begun.

Next on tap for April we are preparing Mom MILF - Bitch in Heat. It's time to thaw out from a long cold winter.

Jackie Stevens - Dirty Babysitter 2 Bottomless Emergency

Shades of Grey, Bitch in Heat

March marches to the demand of more amazing Jackie Stevens erotic entries to NakedJackie.com

We recently added "Out-Taken Booty-Shaken" to our members area. Not sure about you but there is something about the hottest, roundest booty in the world shaking, and bouncing in perfect rhythm. Reminds me of when I was young and I would watch a sexy teacher walk in front of me while I fantasized about touching and smelling her rocking buttocks. Anyhow we grabbed some booty- butt, earth-shaking outtakes from 3 movies and this equated to our second February update. Hope you are enjoying it. I am sure we will have another short someday again this year, packed with pure booty shaking.

Coming up mid March is '70 Shades of Grey' part 2. We are sure that our VIP's have been enjoying part 1 '67 Shades of Grey' and this continuation of the story is bound to please all the more. After determining that 'J' is interested in Mr. Grey she signs his contract and submits to being his slave. He certainly has his fun with her and she enjoys every moment. 'J' becomes more and more lost in ecstasy. As erotic feelings build, she shows that she is willing to do what it takes to please her master.

Last but not least we would like to mention our slated for April feature, entitled 'Mom MILF - Bitch in Heat'. This story line is a continuation of Mom MILF's Nude Beach Surprise. The video will begin with a very hot and horny bitch, Mom MILF, who ventures out into her apartment complex looking for people to expose herself too. To her disappointment there are not many people around so she returns to her apartment and decides to take some of the edge off  by rubbing her hairy, motherly pussy . During this hot masturbation session she is surprised by her son's good friend Joey, who has snuck in on her room and has been a voyeur to Mom MILF all the while she thinks she is in private. Good thing they are all alone because Mom MILF forgives him and decides that she wants to be Joey's Bitch. She continues by offering him a menu of sexual delights to choose from.

Lot's to look foreword to, Pre-Production has begun on yet another fetish filled feature, just for all of you Jackie Stevens 'Naked' fans out there!


Jackie Stevens is Mom Milf - in Bitch in Heat


Fifty Shades of Grey, better yet Sixty-Seven

Jackie Stevens' world class ass heats up when she submits to her master in 67 Shades of Grey.

This Valentine’s Day we bring you a very sweet treat, Jackie Stevens stars in 67 Shades of Grey. We offer this new series involving obedience training and light Bondage & Discipline. Part one begins with the introduction of ‘J’ to business titan Mr. Grey. Mr. Grey realizes that he has a real gem in his presence and proceeds to engage towards a contract with her, not hesitating to begin his exploration of her delicious assets. Mr. Grey sets the tone that he is in control and the timid ‘J’ is eager to comply given her interest in the attractive business mogul. The introduction of the pair was seasoned by Dr. S. (from the recent Dr. S. Meets Ms. Ass) so a trust foundation has been pre-established. Once Mr. Grey begins to test ‘J’s obedience he introduces her to some light Bondage and Discipline which leads us towards next month’s release, 70 shades of Grey, Part 2.

Coincidentally and without any planned forethought to the timing of our video release, the major motion picture ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ has the same release date of February 14, Valentine's Day. We think you will agree that with Jackie Stevens' world class PAWG Ass, and one of a kind ability to heat up the screen, that our series is much hotter than 50 Shades of Grey. We will let you be the judge, so tune in to watch Mr. Grey put 'J' to his first obedience test.

Jackie Stevens bound for 67 Shades of Grey

Summer Re-Visited

Jackie Stevens walks upon summer trails bottomless & enjoys a little outdoor masturbation!

Jackie Stevens, like Janus, leads us down the path to a double January update! We all can certainly use some extra needed summers heat to take us through to February.

Enjoy a fun voyeuristic video short, the first scene features Jackie as Mom MILF sauntering along her local trails bottomless on the way to her favorite nude beach. We have also snuck in previously unseen footage from the 'Field of Dreams' video shoot with Jackie Stevens enjoying some lovely outdoor masturbation on a warm summers day. We also have a High Resolution photoset to double the update which includes Mom MILF's stroll through the wooded path bottomless and nude, eventually landing on her secret nudist beach. Oh Mom MILF, how you love to be nude in the summer sun, we can only dream of warmer weather.

Coming up in February get ready for '67 Shades of Grey'! With a light Bondage and Discipline motif, how can you miss this one? If that were not enough to look forward to, we have since shot part 2 of this story, tentatively entitled '70 Shades of Grey'!