Jackie Stevens from Mirror Mirror

Mirror Mirror on the Wall

Update: Mirror Mirror staring Jackie Stevens just Released on VIP Members section!

Jackie Stevens stars in Mirror Mirror with a solo performance. The video is set to be released on January 15th. We are committed to providing 2 updates a month for our VIP's. Both a major HD video release and then a Hi Resolution photo set or video short.

Mirror Mirror is a window into the world of a beautiful, big bottomed, curvy lady who is coming to terms with her giant butt. She is trying on various bottoms, realizing that they are very tight over her gorgeous, round rump and she slowly begins to embrace her ample backside. As this unfolds we are treated to a voyeurs paradise as we bare witness to her personal revelations and fantasies. She even speculates about showing off her bare butt to the general public or at work. Ultimately she is still a bit shy but does not hold back in her private quarters to let her personality out.

We are still trying to figure out what to release for the second half of January, either a video short or another Hi Resolution Photo Set so for now we will leave it a mystery.

We hope that you all are enjoying Decembers video Dr. S. Meets Ms. Ass along with the accompanying photo set ( which included a few extra miscellaneous photos thrown in, hints at possible future photo sets on tap). I have to say, the sequence of Jackie going bottomless to her Dr's appointment is out of this world.

Coming up in February we will be releasing '67 Shades of Grey' which might inspire more bondage and discipline themes. A very exciting year is shaping up indeed!

Below is a small outtake that we released from the upcoming Mirror Mirror. Although we might release some small segments from past videos, I believe that there is plenty of wonderful samples of Jackie's amazing talent and assets, so our newer releases will most likely be kempt a bit more under wraps...after all our VIP's deserve the best!





Happy ‘Naked’ Holidays

Hi All,

Just wanted to wish everyone a very happy holiday season and provide an update as well.

This week we released Doctor S. Meets Ms. ASS. This movie runs 23:00 minutes long and starts out with a really sexy sequence of exhibitionistic proportion. Via the Doctors orders we are treated to the range of daring exhibitionism, close-ups, and happy dancing and sexy endings to boot. We expect that this exciting release will warm your hearth.

We will follow up this release with a Photo Set from the shoot of, as always, high resolution professional images. A key word here is close-ups:) Maybe we will include a couple random images to help ring in the new year.

Speaking of the new year, we are on track to offer the Visa payment option sometime in January. Again, your continued support has been greatly appreciated during our softer opening months this year.

Our list of movies and photo sets keeps growing with plenty of awesome material on tap. Mirror Mirror is the next movie on our line up set for early January. It is an erotic montage and story that features the solo Jackie Stevens coming to terms with her big beautiful bottom as she tries on various articles of clothing as they pertain to her butt. As a voyeur you will bare witness to her blossoming exhibitionistic tendencies to show it off and naked private moments narrated by self dialogue in front of the mirror and playful moments around her private quarters.

On tap we shot '67 Shades of Grey' which is loosely based on the popular book  '50 Shades of Grey's. In 67 shades a young, timid student is given the assignment to interview the business titan Mr. Grey. Upon their introduction Mr. Grey takes a very personal liking to the young sexy 'J'. Jackie Stevens portrays a very shy woman whom is eager to be told what to do and explore deep recesses of her sexuality for the very first time. Combining the introduction of dominance and submission through the ambiguity of the initial interview, Mr. Grey begins to explore intimate possibilities that might lay in store with the young willing student. He asks her to unveil her skirt, and is graced by her beautiful privates parts, garnished by stockings and garters. She reveals to him a hidden, slightly daring side. Eventually Mr. Grey also gives 'J' a introduction to light bondage.

Still under consideration to be scheduled around the release of 67 shades is an older movie entitled Who's the Boss, which fits the motif of 67 Shades of Grey.

If you have not already signed up for membership please consider doing so. Your support is greatly appreciated by Moneta Productions and ofcourse Jackie Stevens.

A note from Joey S. There is a ton of free porn out there but I feel that the pool of quality adult material might start to thin as this trend continues. For better or worse it is certainly watered down. Either way our focus on creating unique erotica with good production quality in HD is a challenging pursuit. I hope to continue and improve on this trajectory. Also, there is the intention to branch out the scenarios, creative productions, characters and possibly actors in the future. If you can appreciate what we are striving for, we thrive with your support. It means a lot. I could certainly argue that the cost of monthly membership is the price of an average lunch out for one person, but then again we all do have to eat. Cheers!


Jackie Stevens - 50 shades of grey



Jackie’s Thanksgiving Message




We certainly hope that everyone had a beautiful Thanksgiving. So much to be grateful for. Again we thank all of our Members for their continued support.

In Honor of 'Black Friday' we have reduced the first month's membership to $21.99 ($13.99 monthly recurring if you decide to stay which we know you will;-). We are still working on the Visa option for payment so if you have any issues please let us know here by using our contact form and we will try to work with you in the interim. At this point it looks like January for an ETA on Visa option. Anyway, if you have not signed up yet now would be as good of a time as ever. Especially with December's Movie on tap. 'Dr. S Meets Ms. Ass' is a movie especially made for everyone who enjoys seeing Jackie Stevens' inner Exhibitionist shine (and of course those who like to examine all of Jackie's amazing assets). It will be released in the first half of December, followed by it's accompanying high resolution photo-set in the second half of December.


Now available is a very fun video short in honor of Thanksgiving called Jackie's Parade (running 3:33). Yes we are used to all of those big parades during the holiday but ever wonder what might be going on behind closed doors in all of those department stores?

Also available is an awesome photo set entitled 'It's Getting Nipply Outside'. At the suggestion of one of our members we could not ignore Jackie Steven's Nipples anymore. They are the most amazing nipples ever and we are highlighting them for you to kick of the cold month's. Certain to warm your heart!


January's movie has just wrapped shooting. It will be entitled 'Mirror Mirror'. This one features just Jackie coming to terms and embracing her big beautiful bottom! For February we might plan to release 'Who's the Boss', but this has yet to be determined...


JOIN NOW - Don't take it from me, take it from Jackie:

Jackie Stevens – Scene Nude in Public

The Doctor is in this December

Jackie Stevens is a Young Ms. Ass

A Young Ms. Ass

Ah, December is just around the corner. The tenth month of the Roman calendar will coincide with our tenth video release, Dr. S. Meets Ms. Ass. December is such a festive time of year so it is only fitting that we have a decadent video release that is sure to deck your halls and balls..

The following is a treatment on the story. A young Ms. Ass is studying Psychology at University. Her mentor 'Professor Jackie' has taken the young Ms. Ass under her wing and is in the process of molding her into a world class 'Ass' therapist. Professor Jackie has called upon her colleague Dr. S. to perform a very unique and special examination of Ms. Ass. After all it is now the Professor's duty to keep 'that Ass' in tip top shape.

As a progressive instructor Professor Jackie instructs her student to show up at her appointment bottomless. Ms. Ass, although somewhat reserved initially, is compliant with her respected teacher. In order to build Ms. Ass's confidence the Professor also requests that she drive to her appointment bottomless. Ms. Ass willingly does as she is instructed. Once she arrives at the office building she assesses the situation and finds an entrance to the building where she can risk her entry bottomless. She proceeds up a number of flights of stairs and right to the Doctors door remaining, you guessed it, bottomless. Upon her grand entry the Doctor is very impressed to say the least. Thank goodness she got the room number correct!

Dr. S. is amazed by this perfect specimen and continues on to perform his customized examination of the young Ms. Ass. Not only does this exam include a thorough examination of her spectacular bottom but it also includes nipple erection and pretty-kitty exploratory.

The good Doctor, being the professional that he is, has chosen a location away from his busy practice to perform this special request. He is also able to tailor some light training of this young beauties exploration into her own sexuality.  Jackie Stevens is amazing and you definitely do not want to miss this video ! This holiday extravaganza is slated for release in early December. It will be followed by its accompanying photo set.

As you might have noticed the 'Lone MILF 2' was released on schedule. We hope you enjoy this continuation of 'The Lone MILF part 1'. Keep your eyes peeled for a related public dressing room scene in the second half of November, entitled 'Jackie's Parade'. It is related in the sense that there is a dressing room scene in 'The Lone MILF 2'. Lots of exhibitions to come, that's for sure!

We are already thinking about the new year! Besides a great back catalog of material we are preparing for tons of new productions. We will be focused on keeping things fresh and mixing things up. Productions featuring Jackie's voice only and/or set to music, cool characters are yet to be born, new places to conquer naked, and so much more to come. We have had some fantastic video idea contributions from our members. We can only begin to imagine what is in store for Jackie Stevens' NakedJackie.com come 2015! It will be a naked revolution, after all when in Rome 🙂

Jackie Steven's is Ms. Ass - young and bottomless

Ms. Ass arrives bottomless

Jackie Stevens Parades Nude in Public Dressing Room

Novembers upcoming video short update !


Jackie’s Great Wall of Ass

Happy Fall and Happy early Halloween!

Time for a quick update. We just put up a new photo set which includes 24 high resolution photos featuring Jackie's incredible bottom up against a fun wall-headboard backdrop. Hence the title 'Jackie's Great Wall of Butt'. Great is really an understatement, with plenty of awesome close ups of one of the great wonders of the world, Jackie Steven's Ass of course !

Jackie Stevens Butt Wall

In about 10 days we will be releasing the Lone Milf 2 which runs about 15 minutes and is a continuation of the Lone Milf 1 story. We will also have a cool related video clip in mid November.

December is shaping up to be a very exciting month! We just wrapped up principal video & photography for 'Dr. S. Meets Ms. ASS'. We really strove to do some very interesting and daring scenes for this movie. It shall be the perfect holiday treat for our VIP members. I will have more updates on this soon!

Dr. S Meets Jackie Stevens, Ms. Ass

We are also starting to brainstorm some special offers. Maybe personalized videos or possibly keepsakes from the shoots. Your ideas could come in handy here VIP's....


Jackie Stevens Full On – October Update

Well, here we are up and running live and the balls are rolling! Thanks so much to everyone who has signed up for the VIP Members Area and supported our site. So many good things to come. Based on our initial reception we are going to pursue the Visa payment option in the next month or two. We understand that without the Visa/MC option it is challenging for some fans to join right now so if you have any problem getting access please email us at support@nakedjackie.com

Update Wildcat 2 - was released on October 14th! The Cat is out of the bag.

Working on the next photo set and shortly after that The Lone MILF 2 will be available !

I will keep this post short and sweet as we are working hard on new offerings and enhancements. The next production, entitled Dr. S. Meets Ms. ASS is already underway. We will be looking for your input for our Mid-November video release selection, after all it is all about you, the fans. Incidentally we are working on some special offerings for later this month to be available inside our VIP Members Area.

Screenshots from the Lone Milf 2 - Exhibitionist MILF's Big Surprise

Jackie Stevens is the Lone Milf

Jackie Stevens lone MILF butt

Jackie Stevens Stars in WildCat 2

WildCat II Wrapped Shooting, and VIP Members Area hoping for that September Grand Opening!

Jackie Stevens is WildCat

Jackie Stevens fixed to Show Off!

For our second September blog update we are ecstatic to report that WildCat II has just finished Shooting, adding yet another feature video to our hefty stockpile of videos to offer. This will be the last shoot before we go live with our VIP member’s area, so as not to get too far ahead of ourselves. Speaking of going live with our member’s area, we are narrowly still on track for our September goal, gods willing. Although coming into the very tail end of September, as long as all goes according to plan we will have the Members Area ready and freshly stocked with at least 6 feature video's to start.

WildCat II starts out with WildCat finding herself trapped in a stairwell, while all dolled up and on her way to visit her hiker friend. She is wearing a full body leopard skin, covering everything except for her shaved pussy, so right off the bat we are given peeks of our favorite kitty’s pretty kitty. After she is saved by her friend who finds her in the stairwell, she takes a sexy Cat nap in bed and wakes up ready to play and show off for her favorite Hero / Cat Trainer. This simple little story is promised to please from start to finish, that is if you’re pleased by Miss Jackie “the WildCat” Stevens' Naked beauty and prowling in all of her Feline glory! This fun feline, fetish, ass lovers delight will be slated to be released in our Members Area right around Halloween!