Dirty Baby Sitter 2 – Bottomless Emergency

Jackie Stevens is a dirty girl in Dirty Babysitter 2 - Bottomless Emergency

We are excited to announce our May video feature release. Dirty Babysitter 2 – Bottomless Emergency is packed with bottomless fun! In the opening scenes we are introduced to the young ‘J’ who is working out at the gym and receives a call from Mr. S, the father of her former babysitting job whom has asked her to house sit for him last minute. He offers to pay her handsomely and she immediately agrees to take the job. J phones her friend to inform her that she will not be available for the weekend and she is heading right over to meet Mr. S. Unfortunately she has no time to go home and get a change of clothes.  J, given free reign of the house proceeds to get carried away in a series of bottomless activities. After all she had to remove her sweaty gym pants and air out her giant bottom. In the process she decides to have a bottomless dance party and eventually finds Mr. S's secret stash of self-videos. Upon finding this she becomes hot and worked up and verbally indicates what she wishes to do with him while rubbing her hairy young pussy. At some point during day two she receives a call from Mr. S. telling her that he will be home in about 10 minutes. J simply cannot locate her bottoms which are cause for embarrassment and panic about her bottomless emergency. In a state of crises, without time to think she jumps on his bed and pretends to be asleep as he arrives through the door. To his surprise he finds her just the way he might have only dreamed, bare bottom exposed for him to admire. His luck only increases when she awakes and they take up on a super fun game of Daddy / little girl role play. Boy is he lucky indeed as she gives into 'Daddy's every whim...the fun has only just begun.

Next on tap for April we are preparing Mom MILF - Bitch in Heat. It's time to thaw out from a long cold winter.

Jackie Stevens - Dirty Babysitter 2 Bottomless Emergency

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