Favorite Jackie Character

What is your favorite Jackie Stevens 'Naked Jackie' Character? 

Again we are so very lucky to have such a loyal following. So we are looking for some feedback. General feedback is always good but specifically what is your favorite Jackie Steven's character or characters on Naked Jackie.com? The list is growing:

  1. Wild Cat
  2. Mom Milf
  3. Brenda the Big Bottom Bookworm
  4. Professor Jackie
  5. Dirty BabySitter
  6. Wild Flower
  7. Tonka Booty
  8. Daisy Derriere
  9. The Lone Milf

All though there are other variations the above list seams to represent the core characters on the site now. Instead of doing a poll please comment on blog or email us with your opinion at:

Support@nakedjackie.com .

We appreciate it!



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