Wishing Everyone a very Happy New Year

We just released the backlogged Dirty Sitter 4 - Snowed In! This 16 minute video is perfect lengthy feature for snuggling up in your blankets during a cold winters day and warming up with Jackie's portrayal of the young Dirty Sitter who is snow bound and looking to release her pent up desires.

Don't worry, we have not forgot about Roller Booty! The exciting part two is set to release around January 15th.  The final conclusion, part three, will be set for the very end of January. Roller Booty's Assturbation! As you might have guessed Roller Booty is inspired to experiment with Anal Masturbation. Oh the suspense.

We have lot's of video shorts planned to fill in the gaps. A few fun titles are, I've got a Fat Ass and You Can Hang Your Hat on These Nipples.

Last to mention, just around the corner is Mom Milf - X. Be excited!

2017 is shaping to be a very exciting year. We want to hear from our fans. Please email questions, character ideas, comments and suggestions to support@nakedjackie.com.

As always we are grateful for all of our member support. Cheers!