August is great and September will 'Captivate'!

We hope that you are enjoying August and our Feature 'Being Stood Up - SUCKS!' We just released the full 25 photos from this shoot so enjoy. Plus we still have yet to release PART 2 (UPDATE RELEASED 8/30/2016), where you will be treated to some amazing sucking fantasy work!

We have just finished shooting 'Captive'. This is a members only release meaning there will be no screenshots or trailers for this one. As we get closer to release I will write the description for you. For now we can say Jackie is captivating and we have added more 'sucking' action in this shoot as well.

As always we just keep the content coming for all of the loyal VIP Jackie fans - Thanks to you!


Here is your sexy August update at Naked Jackie!

Just released 'Super Dirty Girl - Young Brenda' Part 2. Don't dare miss the features climax where young Brenda (Jackie) exhibits herself to the local co-oed guys outdoors and masturbates until a shuttering orgasm. What a dirty girl indeed.

Also just released is the first 5 high resolution stills from the photo shoot for "Being Stood Up - SUCKS" The photo set will be a slow release so we will put up 5 more stills in the coming weeks. Then we will round it out with another batch of photos between part one and part two. Might as well give you an excuse to check in more!

August 15th we are right on track for our monthly feature with 'Being Stood Up - SUCKS' part 1. This shoot came out amazing. With a hot outdoor exhibitionist scene and a wonderful setting with great lighting we are extra proud of this one. It also get's super duper sexy with Jackie getting so horny that she sucks on her own fingers while fantasizing about her new friend. For all of you mouth fetish connoisseurs and just about anyone who is into seeing Jackie be over the top slutty Horney this will be a real treat in part 2 of the series.

If you have not signed up yet, we now have well over 40 videos, tons of super erotic dirty photos and video shorts so please do your self a favor and sign up now. You will feel amazing and will love what Jackie has inside.

See you soon! Jackie...


Being Stood Up, SUCKS !

Jackie just finished shooting a new feature, likely August release titled - Being Stood Up, SUCKS !

As the name might imply we were able incorporate some super hot mouth sucking and licking fetish action in our newest feature that just wrapped produciton. In this story Jackie is stood up at a Wedding by her date. Ironically it was her no show date's friends having the wedding, although she is upset it is very short-lived as she recounts a chance meeting of a guy who is very interested in her at the wedding party.

We were able to pull of some public area outdoor flashing scenes, keeping in the mode of trying to get risky outdoor shots. The story unfolds very naturally and Jackie describes and fantasizes about what she wants to do with her new lust interest when they get together for the first time. This leeds into great POV masturbation, finger sucking and licking, as well as POV 69.

We will not be releasing any trailers for this feature or our July feature Super Dirty Girl.

We also did a great photo shoot for Being Stood UP, Sucks and this will stay mostly under wraps other than one or two stills for promotion.

We will be increasing our initial sign up membership fee at the end of July so now is the time to sign up. It will be a substantial increase since the body of material has built up so large and it is a one of a kind view of the amazing Jackie. Please note that we will not increase our monthly fee of $13.99 only the first month fee.

As always we welcome your feedback and appreciate all of the support. The summer is really starting to heat up and the next two features promise uninhibited, amazing scenes with Jackie's feel oh so good super sexy magic. Truly one of a kind.


Super Dirty Girl

UPCOMING: Mom MILF's Mothers Day Part 2, Super Dirty Girl, Dansersize Full On, Outdoor Nudity and Masturbation?! Plus possible diversion into Unmasked Girls??

As spring dovetails into summer we have a video coming up in July that ends with Jackie outside in what we hope will be a trend. Outdoor nudity and masturbation. Our upcoming feature entitled Super Dirty Girl who is actually a very young Brenda... yes that is Brenda the Big Bottom Bookworm as you might have gathered. She is detailing her long lost study partner who liked to take advantage of her and specifically request that she not shower the day before to be able to have a prolonged out door dirty butt and musky pussy sniffing session. Licking as well of course. As a young Brenda recalls her exploits she gets hornier to the point that she wants to go outdoors and masturbate in public with the secret hope of getting caught. Well anyhow below is a quick screenshot to hold you over. Don't you dare miss July's feature Super Dirty Girl!

We hope that you are enjoying this months feature; Mom MILF's Mother's Day which is a most nurturing affair. Oh, Mom MILF is so Motherly as she exposes herself so willingly to the neighborhood. Eventually attracting the Father next door to come and know on the door, and take a step that is new. Because the ass is hers and hers and his. LOL, yes that was an ode to "Threes Company" an old favorite. In this case Janet like Jackie puts on a bottom show for the Dad next door. It opens with some amazing wide angle shots on her lovable butt cheeks as she invites her friend in. Then wraps up with her giving a little but of Motherly advice. Motherly jerk off advice that is. It is a short but sweet wrap to this months feature set for release on the last day of June.

PHOTO UPDATE 6/26/2016. A fun small batch of photos from the Assersize sessions. It's not like you can have to many angles on the sexy PAWG booty in Assersizing action.

Again next month we have Super Dirty Girl which will likely be in 2 parts as is the current trend. We will also give you Dancersize which is a full 7 minutes of Jackie Dansersizing and encompasses some great close up squatting along with her naked dance routine. This not the promotional video that we released earlier, it is full on nasty the max!

We will begin pulling some of the very oldest videos for archive, so if you have not signed up now would be a good time to download the vast content that is amassing inside

Also tossing around some fun ideas for members. For example an old project called unmasked girls which never got off the ground left us with good volume of photos. It is possible to upload a few masked photos and have you guys vote who you would like to see unmasked. Not to take the focus off of Jackie but hey it could keep it interesting. If you guys think that would be cool let me know?

So as summer temperatures begin to rise, so is our outdoor shooting schedule. Yes we would like to shoot at the beach and on naked hiking trails. Let us know if you can think of any interesting outdoor locations to have Jackie show off her bare booty?

We have seen a small surge in new members so again thank you. All of the support is needed and appreciated to keep us rolling. All of you super Jackie fans rock!

Jackie Jacking off in public

Special 3 minute Preview

Summing June 2016 - Jackie is Mom MILF in Mother's Day - Writers Cock

We are pleased to announce an extended 3 minute preview of June's super exciting feature. This is our second feature shot after a major video equipment upgrade and the lighting and clarity are just getting better by the second. More the the point Jackie's portrayal of the super hot and bothered Mom MILF is sure to scorch you as temperatures rise this summer.

It's Mother's Day and Mom MILF is alone with her assignment to write an article for a major magazine publication. Thinking she is alone and it will be quiet on this holiday she realizes that her creative juices are not flowing. When she notices the 20 something guys next door playing ball she begins to fixate on them and then ultimately the Father of the bunch. As she begins to act like the slutty exhibitionist that she is, by stripping down and showing off her huge ass and tits through the window, her creativity starts coming back to her along with her sexy juices. Ultimately the Father next door notices her giant MILF booty and rolls over to her place. She invites him in while she is totally naked so "Mommy can put on a bottom show" for him. She delightfully teases him and instructs him to jack his mature cock off. Oh it does not get any better than this!

Shot entirely from Mom's POV we are sure you will enjoy Jackie's stellar performance on bringing you right into the action.

Shame on You if you messed May's feature Ms. Jackie if your Nasty! Nothing hotter than Jackie showing of her dominant backside!

We will be sure to pepper in some video shorts and photos between all of this major action. Look out for Jackie Buttering up her Hot Butt cheeks with grade A butter to start June off with some slippery fun!

As always all of the support and memberships have really kept us going. Can't thank you all enough for joining and being members! Cheers, and stay naked! If you have not joined yet, well it's never to late. The content is just growing as does all things Naked Jackie.

Ms. Jackie, May I

Jackie's Butt Go's on a Dominant Streak

Jackie Steven's is thoroughbred booty get's a mind of it's own in "Ms. Jackie If Your Nasty" May's feature release.

We are releasing this feature in 2 parts this month along with our monthly supplemental short.

The exciting news is that we have upgraded our video equipment so the shots should be even more crispy.

Ms. Jackie was out searching for a 'victim' that her booty can take advantage of on a raw April day. Ms. Jackie describes in great detail what her booty is telling her to do to this poor, poor victim. Tune in to watch in great detail how her booty comes out of it's shell and pursues it's ultimate take over of the lucky, unsuspecting chosen one.


April Drools

Hello to all you Jackie Stevens fanatics, of course none more than I! April is a month worthy of drooling over Jackie's amazing bum cakes, the roundest of thier kind, in Asserrsize. Watch Jackie as she rides the treadmill to complete frustration with having to wear pants. Once she discovers that she can workout without them it opens up a whole new world of possibilities for her assersize.

In order to meet our general deadline of a mid-month feature release we have released the first half of this erotic thriller of which the second half is slated for the end of the April along with our regular video short addition.

April also marked the production of Ms. Jackie if your Nasty. In this feature Jackie get's a little bolder and is on her way to becoming the dominatrix that lives deep inside her. Although mild to the B&D connoisseur the JOI enthusiast will not be disappointed at all in this movie. Stay Tuned.

One small note is that we have upgraded our film equipment so expect production value to increase with Ms. Jackie and all future productions.

Jackie Stevens, Dominatrix, Jerk off Instruction


March Madness

March has been a month of madness! We have offered incredible promotions for our returning customers. In fact for special deals through the end of the month email us at

We just released Aunt Jackie 3 - The Pantyhose. In the effort to try to bump it up a notch we related this one a bit earlier than normal. Typically we try to do a feature on the 15th of the month and then another update on the last day of the month. This month we will be doing 2 more updates in addition to Aunt Jackie 3 which runs over 13 minutes. Below is our description of Aunt Jackie 3:

One of Aunt Jackie's young neighbors, who is just starting college visits Auntie in the early morning hours. In fact she does not have any makeup on yet and has just put on a pair of pantyhose to start her work day. She decides to indulge the school boy fantasy of seeing this much older sultry woman show off her giant bottom in her pantyhose. He asks to watch her, un-dress and continue to show off her giant bottom and hose as his young cock grows ever larger. Before they know it the two parties are aiding and abetting and a hot session of mutual masturbation as auntie encourages and instructs her subject to stroke it ever more for her while he enjoys beholder her amazing hot, juicy milf pussy. Aunt Jackie spreads and rubs her beautiful pussy for her admirer.

We will also be offering a large photo update in the vein of next months feature Assersize! Lastly we are working on some special requests in respect to having jackie rub (splosh) various food products and oil all over her lovely nipples. We will focus on a nipple centric update and an ass splashing update. Either together or separate. Not sure on that one yet. Lastly we have already filmed Dirty Sitter 3 - Snow Bound. This edition of Dirty Sitter features jackie in a very hot live phone sex session and as things heat up she learns she will get an unexpected visit from her phone friend!

As we head into spring we are contemplating a series called Nurse Jackie as well as a feature for Roller Girl. We always look forward to your feedback.

We really cannot thank everyone enough who has supported the site and kept us going. We hope to keep bumping it up a notch for the better part of 2016 and onward.

Jackie Stevens is Aunt Jackie


Aunt Jackie’s Seductions

Just in time for Valentines Day, Aunt Jackie's Pantyhose Seduction part 1 arrived in our members section. Part 2 is scheduled for the end of February to round out the month beautifully. See Jackie seduce her house guest and describe all of the naughty horny things she wants to do with him, and to him.