Jackie Stevens – Scene Nude in Public

The Doctor is in this December

Jackie Stevens is a Young Ms. Ass

A Young Ms. Ass

Ah, December is just around the corner. The tenth month of the Roman calendar will coincide with our tenth video release, Dr. S. Meets Ms. Ass. December is such a festive time of year so it is only fitting that we have a decadent video release that is sure to deck your halls and balls..

The following is a treatment on the story. A young Ms. Ass is studying Psychology at University. Her mentor 'Professor Jackie' has taken the young Ms. Ass under her wing and is in the process of molding her into a world class 'Ass' therapist. Professor Jackie has called upon her colleague Dr. S. to perform a very unique and special examination of Ms. Ass. After all it is now the Professor's duty to keep 'that Ass' in tip top shape.

As a progressive instructor Professor Jackie instructs her student to show up at her appointment bottomless. Ms. Ass, although somewhat reserved initially, is compliant with her respected teacher. In order to build Ms. Ass's confidence the Professor also requests that she drive to her appointment bottomless. Ms. Ass willingly does as she is instructed. Once she arrives at the office building she assesses the situation and finds an entrance to the building where she can risk her entry bottomless. She proceeds up a number of flights of stairs and right to the Doctors door remaining, you guessed it, bottomless. Upon her grand entry the Doctor is very impressed to say the least. Thank goodness she got the room number correct!

Dr. S. is amazed by this perfect specimen and continues on to perform his customized examination of the young Ms. Ass. Not only does this exam include a thorough examination of her spectacular bottom but it also includes nipple erection and pretty-kitty exploratory.

The good Doctor, being the professional that he is, has chosen a location away from his busy practice to perform this special request. He is also able to tailor some light training of this young beauties exploration into her own sexuality.  Jackie Stevens is amazing and you definitely do not want to miss this video ! This holiday extravaganza is slated for release in early December. It will be followed by its accompanying photo set.

As you might have noticed the 'Lone MILF 2' was released on schedule. We hope you enjoy this continuation of 'The Lone MILF part 1'. Keep your eyes peeled for a related public dressing room scene in the second half of November, entitled 'Jackie's Parade'. It is related in the sense that there is a dressing room scene in 'The Lone MILF 2'. Lots of exhibitions to come, that's for sure!

We are already thinking about the new year! Besides a great back catalog of material we are preparing for tons of new productions. We will be focused on keeping things fresh and mixing things up. Productions featuring Jackie's voice only and/or set to music, cool characters are yet to be born, new places to conquer naked, and so much more to come. We have had some fantastic video idea contributions from our members. We can only begin to imagine what is in store for Jackie Stevens' NakedJackie.com come 2015! It will be a naked revolution, after all when in Rome 🙂

Jackie Steven's is Ms. Ass - young and bottomless

Ms. Ass arrives bottomless

Jackie Stevens Parades Nude in Public Dressing Room

Novembers upcoming video short update !


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