Jackie Stevens on You Tube

Jackie Stevens in her debut video on You Tube, almost nude, as you will see she is doing a very Happy Dance in her cute sheer undies with Pig Tails, plus tennis Sneakers. This 'music video' is a great display of our little Sitter and a sexy show of our good Sitter having so much fun - just before this good girl goes bad, or Dirty with Daddy.

Hope you enjoy watching this cute little music video.


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  1. charlie brown
    charlie brown says:

    This was a fun video, I like the pig tails etc. Interested in the video that you say is coming out in September…Is the actress going to be dancing naked and more importantly does the show off that awesome bubble butt at length?
    Lastly I like the use of the fun sneakers, you don’t see that to often:}

    • Cris
      Cris says:

      Hi There, Mr. Brown. Comments like this are well appreciated. The video entitled Dirty Sitter will run about 15 minutes in length. The Sitter played by Jackie Stevens ofcourse will feature Jackie dancing mostly nude and there are amazing shots of her awesome booty butt! If you are a round butt lover then this will be a treat as there are amazing but shots looking up at her, great lighting etc. Although Jackie mixes it up between shaved and hair on her pussy this is one video that features a full bush. We felt that it depicted a younger baby sitter character that has not shaved yet but it is very sexy if you like a bushy kitty…So hope that you get to see the full video and yes, most of the edit will feature her booty. !


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