Nude Beach – Extravaganza

Hi All! We are shooting our next movie, NUDE BEACH EXTRAVAGANZA. This will simply entail as much quality footage as we can muster at the Nudist Beach. Be ready, we will certainly tie in a cool ass story line for you too.

To hold you over we are posting Home Hose, a video short of Jackie modeling a pair of sexy shear pantyhose in a 'home movie' type of setting. She reaches into her panties and tries to quell the pleasure she feels from her hose. A fun 8 minute video short for you.

When time allots we will edit some more of the photos from The Nude Adventurer:)

In the works is Bottomless WonderWoman for this summer as well as a new installment of The Dirty Babysitter!

We will keep it coming, you do the same!


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