Tonka Booty Suns her Hot Buns

End of summers outdoor scenes with Tonka Booty

Tonka is distantly related to Pocahontas. Tonka meditates and does many other revealing things outdoors as her Native American roots dictate. Tonka was born with a huge booty and she owns it.

Get ready for Tonka Booty as we put some final edits on our mid-September feature update. It doesn't get any better than this booty. Tons of close ups in the hot summer sun, some nipple play thrown in. Plus, as we have seen highlighted in the last few releases, some stellar narration by the star of our show. Why Jackie Stevens that is!

Daisy Derriere is taking shape, this sultry feature, features some southern style narration and lots of southern comfort.

In respect to outdoor weather we have Wild Cat III on tap for this fall. WildCat has a crazy new woods lair and she runs around in the woods. You guessed it, naked!

Also, Mom Milf 3 is coming. Can you feel it - hot, hot, hot!


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  1. Dark Apprentice
    Dark Apprentice says:

    hmm next year he will have to get jackie to do bodypaint as a monster. Then stalk around as a monster through the forest with some spooky lighting and some fog grenades and such. Then appear on the other side of the bed as something that crawled out to scare you to death….and then the dance of death which if you watch you die….just another idea he can freely use with no compensation to myself, its given freely. Fairuse my friend 🙂 I guess there are good bodypainters in Nj? Maybe a few prop addons onlike ears, tail, cape, teeth, whatever.


    • Joey
      Joey says:

      LOL, that sounds fantastic. I would love to drum up the production to a fraction of that. We will get there…next year.

      Thanks a Million!



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