WildCat – Jackie Stevens’ Nude Kitty Kat in Heat

The Making of Wild Cat - Starring Jackie Stevens Nude Natural & of course Naked

Jackie Stevens is The WildCat in Heat

WildCat in Heat

WildCat is likely a very real part of Jackie Steven's, she is not only a self-admitted cat lover, we think she is truly a WildCat.

WildCat started out as an idea for Jackie to play onscreen which became a script treatment to outline our basic story. The idea was something like this, WildCat is shown going about her day in her natural habitat, her marked outdoor wooded territory. The story opens with WildCat prowling around her field completely nude, minus her kitty booties. Nude is the way she likes to be all summer. It is important to note that the WildCat can remain completely nude because she is so stealth that she will never allow herself to be seen except when she so chooses to reveal herself. On one fateful day she encounters a hiker whom she is exceptionally intrigued by and thus she decides to reveal herself to this lone hiker. In the process she goes from curious to getting spooked. She even briefly lashes out at the hiker out of fear before giving in to her desire to meet and greet the hiker. Her greeting is only as a cat would do, she lets him pet her and rubs her scent on him.

After this unique introduction WildCat loosens up and they begin to become friends. Soon enough she feels comfortable enough to show the hiker her secret lair, a very rustic log dwelling in the middle of the forest. This is truly a one of a kind home and the hiker must feel privileged not only to be able to meet the most beautiful creature in the world but to be able to spend time in her special cat pad. Returning the gesture hiker invites WildCat back to his home which is not too far from WildCats forest dwelling. A few days later WildCat gets all prettied up and shows up at the Hikers home unannounced finding her own way in. As she is exploring his home he startles upon her, only to be overjoyed by the WildCat's presence.  Done up in a Kitty Cat fishnet outfit garnished with Kitty Mitts. So begins the legend of the WildCat.

We ended up shooting the video in reverse order where the house visit was shot first and then the outdoor prowling and wildcat dwelling scene second. This was for no reason other than weather. It ultimately made for a more organic second half where we focus on WildCat and her unspoken mannerisms and assets, instead dialogue. Jackie Stevens was able to portray a cat as if it were her second nature, again we state for the record that she is part Cat. WildCat shows off in her Fishnets, highs heals, and a big round booty to die for. Her Kitty is almost bald so when Jackie Stevens Masturbates, well when the WildCat masturbates at the end of this movie we get such amazing views of the kitty’s kitty and bum. The mystery hiker eventually decided to break out a leash in a feeble attempt to tame the WildCat, but in the end she has already surrendered to him, a lucky hiker indeed.

Stay tuned as WildCat will be one of our first features to be released in our VIP members area here at nakedjackie.com come September of 2014. Whether it’s Jackie Stevens Nude, Jackie Stevens Fetish, or any other iteration as such you are sure to be in for an amazing show!

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