February 2017

Brief update of all of the goodies on tap:

Mom Milf X - Face Time - coming 2/28/2017

Mom Milf has a new friend and it is Friday Night. She is so excited about there weekend outing that she decides to face time her new friend and tease him, and herself for that matter. This 7 minutes video is fun, hot and the tension is building.

Mom Milf X - Hot Video Short - coming early Feb.

Mom Milf Masturbating and wet as the morning dew.

Mom Milf X - Part 3 - The Plan, The Ass, The Action - coming Feb.

All of the waiting should pay off as Mom Milf takes to the town to show off her hairy pussy and ass and body in general with her new friend. For all of you Exhibitionist freaks this will be one for you.

Pantyhose Walk - Video Short Coming Soon

Aunt Jackie - JOI Fanatic - Coming Soon

Any ideas for new characters, let us know?


6 replies
    • Joey
      Joey says:

      Hi DA,

      Long time. Yes, it has been a little bit hectic so besides my editing skills being sub-par I have a decent excuse. Always appreciate your assistance in these matters.

      Warm Regards,


  1. Dark Apprentice
    Dark Apprentice says:


    No worries, why i’m here always to make you aware of the typos, lol. Not that my english, grammer, spelling, or syntax are always correct :P. Yeah could sense it’s been hectic on your end, so just been just laying low. Hope things calm down enough that you can have a little breathing room soon.


    • Joey
      Joey says:


      Your the best! Yes, I have not even taken the time to fix the typo. Not for want. Still breathing OK, thank you, just have to prioritize it all.

      Hope things are bright in your world. Winter has been kind here in the North East.

      Best Regards,



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